Mech-Fix 20 Flat Roofing System

The Mech-Fix 20 system by Webber Roofing has been created in partnership with three of the UK’s leading building material manufacturers; Rockwool, Fischer Fixings and Moy Materials.

It brings together the very best in quality products, trusted service and precision application methods.

All main system components are manufactured to relevant BS EN standards and come with a minimum 20-year lifetime guarantee.

The Mech-Fix 20 system is ideal for use on both new build and refurbishment projects.

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High Performance Roofing Felts

High performance felts are felts that have been modified in two major areas. The age hardening of the bitumen and the long-term strength and elongation properties of the felt base. High performance felts also give cold weather flexibility and hot weather firmness, with excellent tear and puncture resistance.

At Webber Roofing we use two types of High Performance felt: 

1.  APP (Atactic PolyPropylene)
2.  SBS (Styrene Butadiene Styrene).

The SBS system has the greatest elasticity and elongation properties and provides the longest lifespan. High Performance felts generally need a carrier or ‘fleece’ to be produced in sheet form. This fleece is usually either glass fibre or polyester with the polyester being the better of the two.

There is also another range of High Performance felts that do not have a fleece and therefore are not restricted by the properties of the fleece. These are able to stretch up to 1000%. Contact our technical department for further details.