Flat Roofing Systems

We pride ourselves on being able to offer a wide and diverse range of specialist flat roof waterproofing systems to suit practically any given situation, including:

> High-performance bituminous waterproofing systems

SBS and APP modified bituminous felt systems are without a doubt one of the most technically advanced application methods available to the industry. We supply and install traditional torch-on membranes as well as self-adhesive membranes. Take a look at our Mech-Fix 20 System brochure for further details.

> Liquid waterproofing systems

In areas where traditional waterproofing methods are considered difficult to install, liquid waterproofing systems can often offer the perfect solution. Ideal for flat roofs with complex designs or those requiring intricate detailing.

> Single ply waterproofing systems

Single ply roofing systems are flame free, hot air welded PVC and TPO synthetic systems. TPO roofing membranes are specifically designed to have the advantages of a rubber roof, combined with hot air-welded seams for extra durability. These types of systems offer fast installation and clean aesthetic lines. Systems can be mechanically fixed or chemically bonded to giving greater flexibility when designing the roof construction.

Industrial Roofing Systems

Webber Roofing supply and install composite, standing seam and built-up roofing systems to all four corners of the UK and beyond. With energy efficiency a key aspect of new and retrofitted roof design, we can supply a wide range of fully insulated industrial roofing solutions.

> Composite panels

A great choice for industrial and commercial projects, offering speedy installation and economic advantages. Composite roofing is an ideal solution for large areas of a roof where complex shapes are not required.

> Standing seams

A lightweight, low maintenance roof system, ideal for steel frame new build and refurbishment projects. Perfect for use where complex shapes need to be formed, such as curves and tapers. Rooflights, access hatches and smoke vents can all be incorporated without compromise to the roof system.

> Twin skin cladding

Since its introduction into the commercial and industrial roofing trade, twin skin cladding has been known as a flexible and diverse alternative to traditional composite panelling. Also known as a ‘built up system’, it is installed in a similar way to the composite system using a liner sheet base, insulating core and aluminium or coated steel top sheets.


Garage Roof Replacement

Long gone are the days when the trusty garage was used solely for vehicles. Today, they are often used as an extended storage space for household contents and therefore need to be watertight to prevent damage from the elements.

Old asbestos roofing is removed with meticulous care and disposed of in line with HSE requirements. New timber rafters and decking is provided and the roof is re-felted using a high performance elastomeric torch-on roofing membrane.

New gutters, downpipes and fascias can also be supplied and installed to complete the project.