Industrial Roof Repair, Stoke-On-Trent

This 6500sqm (70,000sqft) industrial roof project in Stoke-on-Trent has to be one of the largest single roofs we’ve ever tackled here at Webber Roofing.

Located on Jamage Industrial Estate, Talke Pits, the current tenants, Service Metals Group, are one of Europe’s leading suppliers of aluminium, sheet metal, galvanised steel & GRP side panels.

On first inspection, it was clear to us that the roof had most definitely seen better days. The asbestos sheeting was in terrible condition, but since it wasn’t possible to stop factory production, the complete removal and replacement of the roof was never a viable option.



The parapet guttering and central valley drained off internally, forming unsafe pools of water in a number of areas in the factory.

During heavy rain downpours, the main drains were unable to divert the water away quickly enough. This caused the internal rainwater pipes to fill up and the gutters to overflow into the warehouse.

Also, since the solid asbestos roof covered a huge internal working area, natural lighting levels within the factory were poor; which was a major consideration for the workforce’s wellbeing.



We carried out a thorough inspection and disclosed our findings to the Client. We drew up a specification and costed the project. This was approved and the remediation works commenced in the summer of 2018.



The first job was to remove the parapet walls and guttering from both front and rear elevations of the industrial roof.

By extending the roof using one-metre grp roof panels, this allowed natural light to enter the warehouse.

A metal box gutter was fitted to both the front and rear elevations and an external drain-off facility installed.

We constructed a 100m (328ft) long central gutter, with a 1-meter fall from centre to eaves. With a width of 5-meters wide at the centre reducing to 3-meters at the eaves, the central gutter now drains off externally, in a more controlled manner.

The gutter was constructed using 75x50mm treated timber with 18mm WBP timber sheeting. This was covered with an SBS elastomeric torch-on membrane with fully welded seams and a solar reflective finish.

The whole roof was framed out with treated timber prior to the installation of quilt insulation. Finally, 0.7mm profile sheeted steel was fitted to the main roof area and gables; and complete with suitable trims and flashings



The landlord is absolutely delighted with the whole result. They commented on our professional approach, the standard of finish achieved and the pace at which the Webber Roofing team worked. So much so that they have earmarked another industrial roof close by to receive similar attention.

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