Living Roof Installation - Read, Burnley

We installed this roof garden on a domestic new build property in Read, near Burnley in 2018/19. The client is the owner/manager of Bridge Heywood, a residential holiday park encapsulated by 200 acres of breath-taking, privately-owned countryside.


Despite spending a sizable amount of his time working on the site, the client and his family lived a few miles down the road; a journey which became too frequent and too impractical.

He and his family decided it would make perfect sense to build themselves a traditional two-storey stone dwelling, complete with slate roof, within the grounds of the holiday park. And since they already owned the land, they didn’t foresee any real objections.


How wrong they were!

Since the property falls within the Trough of Bowland, the local planning department felt that a permanent dwelling would have an adverse visual impact on the local area. The park already containing a significant number of static holiday homes, however, they deemed these as temporary structures, and rejected the plans for a permanent structure outright.

The client wasn’t prepared to give up that easily. And after five years of to-ing and froing, the plans were finally re-drawn. They changed tack completely and proposed to build a single storey property into the side of a hill so that it would be completely masked from the road.



The Webber Roofing team were fortunate enough to have been consulted right from the planning stage and we supported the architects in specifying a bespoke, highly sustainable, top quality Green Roof solution.

The build-up of this particular living roof project comprised 0.88mm corrugated steel, 3mm vapour barrier, 160mm PIR insulation, vapour dispersal sheet, underlay and anti-root cap sheet. In addition, protective fleece and drainage boards were installed to the whole roof area, followed by a layer of filtration fleece and 50mm of planting soil to accommodate the fresh sedum vegetation. The sedum blanket was cultivated in Ireland and transported overnight by refrigerated vehicle to ensure optimum freshness before planting.

Since the client had warned us that the local area suffered from bouts of ‘typical British weather’, a sophisticated drainage & irrigation system was also installed to prevent the vegetation from over saturating or dry out, despite the season. Eleven Mardome roof lights were also installed as part of the project to help draw natural sunlight into the luxury living spaces within the home.

Green Roofs are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, especially in urban areas where green space is becoming a rare commodity. And as a company committed to preserving the planet, we feel that it’s important to maintain as much of our natural habitat as possible to enable plants, animals and insects to thrive in a lush, rich environment. And living roofs are a great way of doing just that.